Titanium electrodeposition drum

Titanium electrodeposition drum


Based on the advantages in the manufacture of special materials and welding processing and learning from the successful experience of well-known copper foil companies in Japan and China, We designed the Φ2700 copper foil machine and the integrated machine, which has the following main features:

1. The reasonable sealing structure ensures no leakage of the anode storage tank;

2. The precision of the arc surface in the anode mother board is high, and the roundness and straightness are ≤0.2MM;

3. The conductive contact surface on the back of the mother board is large, the calorific power  is small, and the electric current distribution is well distributed and reasonable;

4. The side plate is insulated and shielded to avoid the crystallization in copper liquor on the side plate of the anode storage tank;

5. Winder device, transmission shaft and washing spray are installed independently to avoid resonance;

6. The unique liquid inlet system precisely adjusts the partial concentration in the storage tank;


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