Mill housing

Rolling mill housing

Weight: 23~97T

Applicable device: Rolling mill

Application: Metallurgical industry


Rolling mill housing is an important part of rolling mill frame. Rolling mill is used in poor environment. Mill roller causes large impact to mill housing through bearing block. This kind of working condition leads to different degrees of corrosion and wear on inner surface and subsurface of mill housing. Further, it occurs a problem that the gap between rolling mill frame and roller bearing block exceeds the manageable extreme limit.

The gap increase worsens the working conditions of mill main transmission system, enlarges the vibration of main transmission. It is likely to cause slipping when steel ingots are nipping into, then affect the control of plate shape, finally greatly influence product quality.

Our main material for the mill housing is similar to followings:

Standard Specifications for Cast Steel




United Kingdom BS3100 A2
Germany DIN 1681 GS-60
Japan JIS-G5101 SC480
International ISO 3755 270-480

Rolled plated width

650MM, 1000MM, 1250MM, 1580MM, 1780MM, 2250MM, 3500MM, 4200MM, 4300MM, 5500MM

Plate’s types

Aluminium sheet, steel sheet, Section profiles


1. SHANGHAI SPECIAL METAL CO., LTD applies unique macromolecular structure on producing mill housing. Thus, our mill housings have good anti-impact property; largely reduce the degree of wear.

2. Good corrosion resistance property prevents surface corrosion from cooling water.

 Production Process  

1. Wooden pattern Production  

2. Molding

3. Pouring

4. First cleaning

5. Heat treatment – grinding (inspection)

6. Rough machining (inspection)-finishing machining (inspection)

7. Packing-delivering

mill house

Quality assurance

The fabrication route is governed by the provisions of the implemented Quality System ISO 9001: 2000. The standard documentation ensures the full traceability of every process step:

• Manufacturer test certificates according to DIN EN 10.204 § 3.1 including chemical composition, mechanical properties and non-destructive examination;

• Dimensional check supported with a “as-built“ sketch;

• Record of the heat treatment chart;


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